Testimonials - 2023

Testimonials - 2023

Here are what attendees had to say about the 2023 school:

Many, many thanks for an amazing week – as I mentioned in my remarks on Thursday, I have attended a large amount of conferences/seminars/events over my 40+ years in this industry but the quality Advocis Banff School really is ‘top shelf’.

The hospitality Chris and I enjoyed, the organization of the event, the venue, the program – from both a professional and social standpoint were absolutely outstanding – congratulations to all involved.

The camaraderie of the delegates is a sign of strength in any Association and this was clear to see within this group, I firmly believe that this is the ‘glue’ that continues to provide support to Members in times of adversity and drives membership stability and growth.

Best wishes with your future endeavours.

Ross Vanderwolf, Past President MDRT and 2023 Faculty Member

Well worth the time – it is a major investment in yourself. 

G. Philip Fisher

Amazing content & speakers, I’m inspired to set even grander goals and reimagine how much is possible.  Can’t wait for next year. 

Richard Brittain

The school and being an Advocis member should be an industry requirement.  The school, community and connections will help you be successful or help you go to the next level. 

Vernon McCarty

Life changing event.  It was powerful and impactful beyond words.  Very grateful to have been able to be in the company of such amazing speakers and advisors.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! 


My business and my life had changed by the end of the first day.  A must attend from now until forever. 

Chyanne Hodgson

If there was no value at Banff School, then I wouldn’t have attended for 35 years. 

Don Plettell

I feel good about belonging to Advocis after meeting other advisors at Banff School.  The health breaks helped prevent information overload. 

Terry McBride

Banff School is my go to every year. 

Ron MacDonald

Advocis Banff School is always an incredible opportunity to learn about the best, current and upcoming strategies to better serve our clients, and a great place to find support and community within the industry. 

Marina Bailey-Harwood

Attending the Advocis Banff School will supercharge you for the year to come!  So inspiring! 

Dawn Vader

Banff School never ceases to amaze me with great speakers, relevant topes and fun parties. 

Winnie Wu

Great program, understand why people keep coming back. 

Vusani Nkomo

Changed how I approach my practice.  Highly recommend Advocis and the Banff School. 

Mauro Campagnaro

The curriculum and presenters are of the highest quality at Banff School.  You will never get a better value for what you pay. 

Mark Lewans

Always a great way to re-connect and learn from some great speakers.  Furthermore, to refresh and gain some energy and mindset for another year! 

Chris Mossing

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