Testimonials - 2018

Testimonials - 2018

Here are what attendees had to say about the school:

This is so far the best of the best school I ever attended.

Jun (Amy) Tan

Another great School, congratulations to the “team”.

Bill Lewchuk

Enjoyed very much.  Good content and enjoyable speakers.

Kevin Paish

It always motivates, re-invigorates me coming to Banff.  It can only help grow your business, make better relationships, and have better client meetings.

Chris Mossing

I come to the Banff School to receive the most up to date Canadian content every year, with great speakers. 

Guy Ouellette

Best industry educational event in Canada, hands down!  Build your business and take your knowledge to the next level at the same time. 

Stephanie Stewart

This was an extraordinary school with great speakers covering several different relevant topics. 

Fred Hurdman

35 years in the industry dealing in the professional market and still receive huge value from Banff School. 

Patrick Soulieul

A great place to charge your batteries and grow your practice. 

Scott Grant

This is the most value you can get in a consolidated form. 

Russ Robertson

Every speaker was fantastic!  I received tremendous value from each presenter.  Thank you! 

Janet Key

I come to Banff School to be reenergized and always learn something new. 

Mark Lewans

I’m going into my fifth year as an advisor.  I would not consider taking a year off from Banff School – it makes me so much better and helps me focus on what is important. 

Bradley Roy

Awesome presentations.  The delegates and presenters are so generous with their time and sharing their experiences.  Very much appreciated. 

Glenval Griffiths

Banff is special.  Unique.  I’ve not found it elsewhere in my education. 

Jerry Weber

By far, the Advocis Banff School is the best source of industry education available.  No product pitches, no biased product/supplier talks.  Pure, relevant, applicable information which I can you to build my practice. 

Jeff Workman

If you want to grow, walk among tall trees, there’s lots here. 

Jerry Zakariasen

Informative and excellent value.  Best in class. 

Robert Fournier

For my money and my time I cannot get a better discussion of issues from so many perspectives.  This event, location and result is a hidden gem. 

Richard C. Rhodes

Very good investment of time and money!  Good for education but also seeing other advisors that are either successful or going to be successful. 

John Shields, CFP, CLU

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