Testimonials - 2015

Testimonials - 2015

Here are what attendees had to say about the school:

Banff School is great for getting me rejuvenated and ready to roll again for the fall. It is great to hear from some of the best in our business. I hope it is around for many years to come.

Joe Wagner

Every year is the best program! Keep up the good work!

Gordon Hayward

This is my 6th year attending this school and I’m always impressed with the quality of speakers, the wisdom gained from speakers during breaks and the environment that we are studying at.

Shawn Fetter

Relevant & Refreshing!!

Mark Lewans

Excellent learning and the facilities are wonderful.

John Shields

I pick up ideas and share experiences like nowhere else. This is a great event.

Richard C Rhodes

Best place in the world to attend a conference. Best content of the Advocis summer schools, best presenters – they like being in Banff too!!

Monica Weissmann

Always a fantastic well organized event.

Elanda Kowalchuk

Great line up of speakers; one of the best in years; Personal experiences (stories) brings our purpose to life.

Bill Lewchuk

Every year I look forward to the Banff School and every year it delivers; between speaking, networking to recharge me.

Peter Boys

Banff School is consistently a great learning experience.

Fred Hurdman

I attend Banff School every year. The content and the sharing of experiences is priceless. A great investment.

Janet Fish

Wow! So much info. And exceptional info to help me help clients.

Steven Williams

Always good presenters, ideas, advice. Still using ideas from past schools. A must for newbies. Met and spoke with as many as I could find.

Jim Cooper

What is the Banff School all about: Share, Learn, Grow – Give Back (Repeat).

Robert Fournier

The School gave me life, energy and joy. What a great time. Ideas, fun, new friends and great scenery.

Scott Grant

There are no other conferences in Canada that you will be surrounded by such beauty, success, enthusiasm and mentorship.


You’ve done it again. MDRT quality speakers and material specifically designed to grow my business. This was the best use of my education dollars/time!! Way to go!

Stephanie Stewart

I am a long time attendee and you always come away inspired with great ideas.

Allan Haigh

Best School in the 14 years I’ve attended.

Stephen Crossan

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