Testimonials - 2017

Testimonials - 2017

Here are what attendees had to say about the school:

The calibur of speakers, both in presentation skills and depth of knowledge is remarkable. i`m bringing home knowledge and passion to help my clients and build my practise. 

Joan F. Cosby

Such a well organized school. Relevant, inspiring + purposeful… week well spent on furthering my career.

Jeff Workman

Enjoyed every minute. As a first timer, this experience was invaluable. Can't put a price on the knowledge obtained from attending.

Jade Johnsen

Banff School is the number one & first planning I implement every year. I commit to attending next year in the current year.

Janet Fish

Absolutely the best investment of my time and my money! The people, the location, the accomodations and the food was wonderful. I have already registered for next year!!! Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you

Scott Grant

As a newer advisor, Banff school is educational, refreshing and crucial. I cant imagine a reason that I would ever not attend. 

Brad Roy

This was a valuable experience, I am glad I made the time to attend. Keeping pace with change is a challenge for everyone, this is a terrific tool for all advisors. 

Yvonne Martin-Morrison

If you wish to stay current on our evolving industry you need to attend Banff School.

Pat SouLiene

Truly inspiring, motivational, educational. Great to see advisors share insight and put the client first.

Russell McMahon

This school has delivered solid value and valuable tools. Personal growth to me since 1998. Its Canadians mini MDRT.

Jerry Weber

I returned to slow down, enjoy and drink in the awesomness of Banff and the Banff School. Once again rubbed shoulders with industry greats, acquired tailored, timely and relevant information, strategies and ideas… left a better advisor. Another great school....thank-you.

Robert Fournier

Banff School has kept me in touch with changing environment, changing tax & law & demographics. Most important the networking with pros for more than 30 years. 

Don Plettell 

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