Testimonials - 2019

Testimonials - 2019

Here are what attendees had to say about the 2019 school:

My first time at Banff School and I came from NB.  I cannot say I have had a better week of learning in my business.  It was worth every dollar I spent to get here. 

Marty Forsythe

Great school again. 

Richard Reany

Great school, worth every cent and well worth the time out of the business. 

Joe ven der Buhs

The information, ideas and networking at Banff School will take anyone to the next level in their practice! 

Chuck Holmstrom

This has the power to change your practice and change how you do things forever, as long as you embrace that change, it will make you better. 


I learned a lot at the school and to be able to get the result I will apply it on the outside of school. 

Benedicto Medel

As a first timer and new to this industry, I have been inspired by the fellowship and knowledge of all who attended the Banff School towards me.  Friendships have been made.  Great speakers.  Amazing time. 

Devon McKenzie

This is the best school that I have attended in the past 20 years!  Well done. 

G. Philip Fisher

It has been twenty+ years since my last attendance at Banff School.  I had forgotten how dynamic and energizing it is.  Overall an outstanding line up of speakers!  Good Job to James Savage and his entire committee! 

Donna Thorne

1st year, I will be back.  Great ideas, concepts and procedures my clients will appreciate. 

Ron MacDonald

Many thanks for a great school! 

Murray Robins

It is my first Banff School.  I will definitely come back!  Peers, presenters and facility were incredible.  As a new advisor I have increased hope and understanding how to be successful and happy in my new career. 

Gary Masur

Whether you’re new in the business or been in the business for 20 years plus, you will benefit from Banff School. 

Brian Elle

Banff School never disappoints.  Quality high level, best in class presentations, developing lifetime friendships in the beautiful natural setting of Banff. 

Ned Mazur

Once you choose to attend a school, there will be no conceivable reason not to attend Banff on an annual basis.  It will guarantee your longevity in this industry, and improve the quality of your advice to your clients. 

Donald Plettell

Banff School is a great place that brings advisors together and share ideas. 

Winnie Wu

I’m a first timer after being in the industry for 4 years.  You don’t know what you’ve missed until you attend for your very first time. 

Ivy Woo John

My first time attending the school.  I’m impressed – so many things to learn.  Great people I met and very hopeful that things will be a lot better for my business and my client (serving wise) right after the school.  Love it and will come back again! 

Liezel Zarate

I will definitely be bringing friends/team next year. 

Aris Bravo

Networking is as much a part of Banff School as the great education. 

John Shields

Amazing speakers and both valuable and heartfelt knowledge I shared at Banff School. 

Diane Penney

The Banff School has become an annual pilgrimage for me to revitalize, learn and stay current in the Financial Services profession. 

Mark Lewans

It’s a second best one that I attend. 

Jun (Amy) Fan

The 65th Banff School has been THE best one to date! 

Dawn Vader

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