• Dawn Vader: The opportunity of the year to invest in yourself, your fellow advisors and your profession. Period. | • Diane Colton: I learned, I grew, I connected. It is day one to a better practice. | • Gerry Belec: I haven’t been here for many years – the school was fantastic content, great attendees, friendly and sharing – loved the atmosphere. I will be back. | • Micheline Varas: Thanks to the Team … one of the best schools I’ve attended; | • Rick Anderson: One of the best Banff Schools Ever! Fabulous job Executive and Volunteers! | • Dominik Dlouhy: Simply the best session for financial services professionals; I haven’t attended in 30 years; this year I was a ‘first timer’. I’ll be back; | • Don Plettell: After 30 years of attendance, the day after the school closes causes me excitement looking forward to the next school year where we renew friendships, meet new people and learn from top advisors; | • Shawn Fetter: If you care about your profession and industry why wouldn’t you come here? | • Stephanie Stewart: Great program this year. I am energized and focused for the rest of 2016 and have actionable ideas for 2017. | • GJ (Jim) Cooper: Always great ideas at Banff School. Could be classed as the ‘starting shot’ for a brand new year. Always beneficial. | • Scott Grant: An amazing experience with industry leaders, great speakers and lots of fun and laughs. See you next year. | • Colin Campbell: missed 2015 – that was a screw up won’t happen again. | • Robert Fournier: Annual pilgrimage to reconnect, swap tales, share our collective knowledge and experiences with the tribe. | • Taayla Mark: I love the 5-day conference as it allowed me to digest the info and be more grounded and present. | • Fred Hurdman: I first came to Banff School in 1980 and many years since then. It is a great school with great learning to be had. | • Caroline Kugelmass: This school is truly exceptional! If you want to be exceptional – you cannot afford to miss it!! | • Mark Lewans: Relevant, timely & refreshing. The Banff School is the premier school for Advisors in the Insurance Industry. | • Andrea Blake: This was my first time here and I will definitely be back! Possibly bringing 2 more. |





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Banff is a resort town in the province of Alberta, within Banff National Park. The peaks of Mt. Rundle and Mt. Cascade, part of the Rocky Mountains, dominate its skyline. On Banff Avenue, the main thoroughfare, boutiques and restaurants mix with château-style hotels and souvenir shops. The surrounding 6,500 square kilometres of parkland are home to wildlife including elk and grizzly bears.  Summer fun begins here.  Click the "Learn More" button to see Banff's fun summer activities.

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