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Banff is a resort town in the province of Alberta, within Banff National Park. The peaks of Mt. Rundle and Mt. Cascade, part of the Rocky Mountains, dominate its skyline. On Banff Avenue, the main thoroughfare, boutiques and restaurants mix with château-style hotels and souvenir shops. The surrounding 6,500 square kilometres of parkland are home to wildlife including elk and grizzly bears.  Summer fun begins here.  Click the "Learn More" button to see Banff's fun summer activities.

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Let's Talk, A Message from your Chair

It’s starting to get exciting! The faculty roster is virtually complete and the Agenda is taking shape. It is becoming apparent this will not be a school you want to miss!

Your committee is hard at work wrapping up some details and organizing and getting ready for others. Believe it or not, planning for 2019 is already under way! This task is a year-round labour of love.

We have learned that no matter how diligent we are, there are always going to be challenges and issues that pop up from the most unlikely sources. We do our very best to try and resolve these to everyone’s satisfaction. That being said, we very much appreciate your patience- this is an all-volunteer committee and, like you, we all have jobs and bosses and clients and families to take care of too.

As always, this school is at it’s best when we all take the time to care enough to share our years of knowledge and experience with those who are eager to learn and those just starting out. We all have different areas of expertise that other’s can benefit from so, when you get here, we encourage you to be an active “sharer”.

At a time when it appears our industry is under attack from many sides, it becomes more important than ever to attend schools, chapter meetings and other group events so we can learn how best to handle the changes we face every day. Just as important, though, it is an opportunity to voice our concerns and benefit from the knowledge of those who know the most about what we can expect now and in the future. As in all things, knowledge is power…… a lack of knowledge breeds fear and uncertainty and is never good.

In that light, I would encourage every reader to promote Banff School to their colleagues and peers. I think we can all agree that the investment of some money and, more importantly, some time, goes a long way to giving us the tools we need to survive and thrive. How many people do you know who would benefit, as you do, from an Advocis school? Encourage them to visit this website, ask some questions and make the decision to actively pursue career growth through education and fellowship.

We all look forward to seeing you in Banff in August. Until then, stay safe and be well.


Peter F Cote

2018 Advocis Banff School Chair

On Behalf of the 2018 Executive Committee

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